van der Vyver

I help companies scale rapidly and automate their operations.I'm also hacking away at AI solutions in the travel industry.I'm a qualified Private (Recreational) Pilot on a Cessna 172, certified scuba diver up to 30 meters/100 feet and have traveled to 50+ countries.


I studied business and finance, but discovered a love for building tech solutions and automating operations when I founded my own company during college.Operations consulting has given me the freedom to provide value to clients, while also having the time to focus on my own projects.Due to my finance and business background, and experience working at an accelerator, I also understand the financial and strategic side of funding, and running, a company.

Past Roles

On Deck
On Deck is a cohort-based course provider and investment fund for people wanting to start companies/uplevel their career. I helped scale the company to thousands of fellows and launch a $100 million investment fund.

  • Program Manager - Investing Fellowship
    Working alongside the Program Director, I built the operations and content for the Investing Fellowship, focused on personal investing across asset classes.

  • Operations Associate - ODX Accelerator Fund
    To support the launch of the $100 million ODX Fund, I joined the Back Office team to build the operations and automations to manage investments in over 100 companies around the world.

  • Program Associate
    As On Deck scaled from 60 to 350 employees, it needed rapid no-code development. Working across Fellowships and business divisions, I built application systems, databases, application screening dashboards, and more.


Master’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Vlerick Business School, Belgium
Bachelor of Commerce in International Business (Investment and Financial Management)
Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Minor in Real Estate Investment and Management
Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Operations Consulting

I've built hundreds of automations/integrations that have saved thousands of hours of work. Clients range from small startup teams to VCs with $500m+ invested. All my clients to date have been referrals, so must be doing something right!I mainly focus on automation because it adds clear value in a short period of time. My main tools are Airtable and Zapier, but I also work with others like Glide, Softr and Hubspot.I enjoy building, but also thinking through longer-term strategies and how no-code fits into your goals.

  • Favorite types of projects:
    I tend to take on short term projects that can be completed in quick build sprints and handed over to your team.

  • Availability:
    Because most of my projects are short-term, I can likely start within a week of you reaching out.

  • Payment:
    I estimate the hours required per project and charge per hour. For well-defined projects we can agree on a fixed price. Invoicing and payment will be in USD, Euros or Pounds via bank transfer.

  • Working style:
    I mostly work async using email, Slack and Loom screen recordings. I make sure to document all work for your team to reference.

  • Next steps:
    Reach out via email (leon@pilotprojects.dev). I'll get back to you within a day. If it seems like a match we can either schedule a call or continue the work async.